I Want to be More Like the New York Yankees

This isn’t easy for me to say. Growing up in Washington, DC, I was born and bred to hate the Yankees, and I’ve spent the first 98.5% of my life thus far doing so. But after 12 years of living in New York City, I’ve turned a corner. Some may call me a bandwagon fan. That’s fair, but, in truth, they’ve won several World Series since I’ve lived here, and my affinity toward them started in the beginning of the 2009 season.

You’ll remember, they spent much of the first few weeks of this season in last place and struggled all the way up to the All-Star Break. I laughed out loud at how miserable they were, but I began to take an interest in them. So why am I not surprised that, despite that start, they’ve played their way into their 40th Pennant win? And, very possibly, to their 27th championship title? (Sorry, Philadelphia.)


The “Do-Over!”: Reinventing Your Failing Business

In New York City foodie circles, Locanda Verde is kind of a big deal. One of the hottest new restaurants of the spring, those who are lucky enough to get reservations have been raving about it. Located on a prime corner in Tribeca, in Robert De Niro’s new Greenwich Hotel, Locanda fits in perfectly with the neighborhood scene—stylish 30- and 40-somethings in creative industries intermixed with bankers and lawyers trying to look like creative-types.

However, a year ago people were singing a different tune. The restaurant that the hotel opened with, Ago, did not fair so well. It was much anticipated, with LA chef Agostino Sciandri at the helm. A large, fancy Italian restaurant, it was sure to attract investment bankers with (dwindling) expense accounts, but there wasn’t much of a lure for other types.